Healthy Leaders: The Key to Healthy Churches


One year ago, Nathan Heady, pastor of Friendship Church in Cookville, TN reached out to Healthy Growing Churches in hope of starting a new life cycle for his church through the consultation process. Friendship  Church was a single cell church, a church where everyone knew everyone else, it was small (about 80 people), and inward focused.

There were a few major changes that needed to be made at Friendship Church: the leadership needed to firmly establish the mission, vision, and values for the church, they needed to become an outward focused church, and they needed to be making disciples for Christ. But the first thing that needed to change was for Nathan himself to become a healthy leader for his church. Listen to Nathan’s coach, Jeff Perkins, talk about Nathan’s evolution into a healthy leader through his year of coaching:


Nathan has lead Friendship Church to becoming an outward focused church, focused upon leading people to Christ and growing them as disciples. Friendship Church is now a church that is committed to health, connecting newcomers, and loving their neighborhood through community service. Nathan stated:


We finally are getting some traction in the neighborhood. People are
recognizing us. People are telling us they are thankful for us. We reached over 1,000 people in three outreach events in 2016.

Listen to Nathan as he shares the ministry wins from the year as his church continues to make changes and prioritize its health:

Friendship church has made significant progress in the last year and they know they have more to do to create a new life cycle and reverse years of plateau and decline. The energy, enthusiasm and unity of the church is palpable within the congregation.   They are convinced they are on the right path to move toward healthy growth and, ultimately, multiplication.   They are committed to making more disciples for Christ by reaching out to their community in love and friendship.   They ask for your prayers for their journey to health, growth, and multiplication.

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