Our Passion

We believe healthy churches are churches that are helping people find their way back to God and through making disciples who are invest in others.  Healthy churches are communities of faith that would be deeply missed if they were suddenly removed from their city.

We have consistently discovered when churches are not healthy they are struggling in one or more of what we call the seven S’s of church health.  Each of the seven S’s of church health can potentially create lids that hinder a church from reaching maximum ministry impact. 

Our consultation process is designed to uncover these lids and make some clear recommendations for how to remove them.  We have learned that this process is most effective when guided by an outside perspective.  What is your lid?

The Big Difference

There are two important factors that set HGC consultations apart.  First, our process is based heavily on research.  Through assessments (for individuals and churches), surveys, historical information, interviews, conversations with the leadership, and focus groups from the congregation, we seek to fully understand what factors, from multiple fronts are impacting the church in its current state.  It is this in-depth research done with a listening posture that guides our consultation team to help a local church discern its best path forward.  Second, we are willing to speak the hard truth in love.  From our experience, we have found it is the hard to speak truth that encourages pastors, church leaders, and church to deal with the real issues hindering the church from maximum impact.  It is never easy, but often what is needed most.  Too often this is lacking in what is know as church consulting.

Consultation Process

Sometimes, we need outside perspective and input. HGC Consultations help church leaders address growth and health issues using experienced experts and a proven process. Learn more about our consultation process.

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MultiplicationIt’s not about “Should we multiply?” but, “How will we multiply?”. Working with Healthy Growing Churches means you don’t have to tackle the task of multiplying without tools, resources or partners.

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Consultant Bench

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Meet our team of dedicated and experienced church consultants.

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“I needed an outside voice to come in and say the things I couldn’t, to repeat the things I’d been saying but no one was hearing, and to tell me the things that I hadn’t yet realized.”
David T., Oklahoma
“Since beginning our relationship with HGC, we have grown 20% and finally developed the systems and structure to retain our growth. HGC helped us identify the next steps to become a great church.”
Andrew B., Kentucky