About Us

Our dream is to see 1,000 healthy churches.

Every year we hear more and more that people are leaving the church, that churches are dying, and church plants are failing. We read these statistics and think, is it possible to see the church thrive, grow, and truly see the world transformed? Though we live in a world where we know Who wins the battle in the end, it is incredibly easy to lose heart when we see these national trends.

The heart beat of HGC is to see churches turn around and experience health, to reach their communities with the gospel, and to eventually plant new churches. We imagine a world where each and every church is healthy, growing, and multiplying. Where each church thrives and individuals are changed by the love of Christ.


We engage churches and leaders to be healthy and multiply through three main services:


ConsultationsOur consultation process is designed to uncover these lids and make some clear recommendations for how to remove them.  We have learned that this process is most effective when guided by an outside perspective.  What is your lid?

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CoachingHGC believes we are better together and that we often need someone to help us reach the next goal. Our professional coaches lead you through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, coaching not through a rote curriculum but to the goal you set.

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We believe everyone has an A-game. The challenge with most of us in ministry is that we are not really clear about what our A-game is and what venues of ministry capitalize on our strengths. Too many of us fulfill roles which are either based on someone’s expectations or that simply don’t align with our strengths. Every leader has a venue for their leadership to extend the Kingdom.

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