A Pause

It is time to pause.

We don’t have much choice in that matter, do we? Each day, however, we come face-to-face with options of how we are going to leverage this crisis in our personal lives. (We’ve already discussed ways to thrive within working from home, schooling our children, and innovation in our ministries). I want you to know and understand that beyond these current events lies significant opportunity!

A Chance to Be Still

God wants our hearts and minds to be still in light of whatever circumstances we may face. Psalm 46:10 tells us to “be still and know that I am God.” In fact, that entire chapter in the Psalms is an excellent reminder of just how big God is. Maybe you take a few moments to read it.

And isn’t that the point? We now have more moments in the day to find connection with God. We have more time to devote to prayer for our families and neighbors. We have greater opportunities to read and study the Scriptures. If we’re intentional, we have time to sit and listen to the voice of the Spirit like never before. I encourage you to take advantage of this crisis and connect with and grow closer to Jesus.

A Chance to Engage Deeply with Family

In light of quarantine and social distancing mandates, never before have we spent so much time at home! I know for some of you, it’s maddening! We all have our moments, right?

I wholeheartedly believe, however, that when our kids look back on this crisis when they are adults, they are not going to remember the fear and caution so much. They are going to remember that you were there!

Our children are going to remember the games we played together and the quality time shared outside while taking walks or playing in the yard. They are going to recall the home-cooked meals (whether good or bad) and the delivery or take out shared around the table as you talked about things and engaged with one another.

One of the things I know my kids are going to remember is the Sunday mornings in our PJs watching church from our living room. They are going to remember singing along in worship, just us as a family. They are going to remember the conversations we had afterward as well.

I know so many are working from home just like me, but please don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend more quality time with your families. You are making tangible deposits into their lives. Treasure each moment.

It Doesn’t Have to Go Back to the Way It Was

Our culture before this crisis mandated that we get used to and even try to thrive in a “hustle and bustle” lifestyle. Many of us were slowly killing ourselves by living in a constant state of fight or flight. Living this way over time carries significant potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. We were not created by God to live that way!

The slower pace we are presented with right now is a gift, and I pray you will find ways in your life to embrace it fully. I’m not sure that things will ever completely go back to the way they were before this crisis, and I hope you remember that it doesn’t have to. As you take the time to pause, reflect and think about ways you can carry the goodness of this season with you into the next one.