Month: September 2015

Walk around like you have no idea what you’re doing

For one week, I dare you to walk around like you have no idea what you’re doing.
You may be surprised how inaccessible churches can be to new guests.

40 Days of Prayer for New Life Family Church

Founded in a store front 1922 in Kansas City, Kansas, New Life Church has a long history. From the first building in 1927 to expansions in the 1990’s, they have been working to reach out into their community. However, over time, the congregation has seen a decline in attendance and has hit some tough patches.

Think Like a Church Planter

I have coached several pastors from established churches who were fighting existing patterns of ministry and a mentality that in many cases was hindering the church from having a high impact in their community. When one of those barriers would surface in our coaching conversations, the solution was clear: You have to begin to think more like a church planter.

Celebrating Leadership Initiative

One of the greatest needs in the church today is to invest in and develop future leaders. It was that passion to meet this great need that birthed Leadership Initiative. A training program specifically aimed at those who feel a call to ministry.

Stages of a Church Consultation

Each church consultation consists of three stages: Evaluation, Covenant and Implementation. This is the process that we now have the privilege of entering with three churches in very different places with very different needs.

Meeting with the Elders at Friendship Church

When I asked the Elders why they do it when so many other churches in their tribe were choosing slow death, they looked at me kind of confused. They said they didn’t want the church to close and wanted the church to reach their kids and grandkids. They didn’t have any other choice…

Preaching to the Unchurched

This past Spring, Journey Church made a major push to increase first time guest traffic. I began to mentally process the Easter talk I had written. I realized that it was a talk that simply would not connect with the people we had invited. It wasn’t the message of Jesus, His death for forgiveness of sin, or His resurrection from the dead that would be the disconnect. It was all about the way that I had planned to deliver that message.