Month: March 2016


WESTWARD HO! — a phrase that brings to mind images of pioneers crossing vast western landscapes. For this Easterner, the idea of that trip can be as intimidating as it is inspiring. The grit and determination it must have taken to traverse the continent in a wagon is astounding.

And yet, the drive to forge a life in a new place, to carve out a brighter future for your family, to create a legacy that will impact generations is easy to comprehend. It is some of these same sentiments that have driven the formation of HGC.

Three Gears of Growth

In all my years of coaching leaders and churches, I’ve found that new growth only becomes possible when three separate, but interdependent gears are working together.

Basic Training

The “curse of knowledge” is the illusion that things that are so familiar to us are familiar to everyone. I realized there are some things that are too important to NOT teach. There are some concepts, ideas or training EVERY team needs to have. It’s basic training stuff.

Planting a Multiplying Church

From the very start, multiplication must be part of a church’s DNA and practiced through intentional decisions. As chief catalyst for Healthy Growing Churches, Greg Wiens works with church planters nationwide as he and the HGC team come alongside leaders to help create healthy churches that multiply. In the interview below, Greg talks […]

Trust Your Instincts

Intuition is a leadership skill that is hard, if not impossible to teach. Yet it is one that I’m constantly saying to young leaders I’m working with. “Trust your instincts.” Trusting your instincts is not abandoning reason or thoughtfulness or even not taking time to consult with others. That’s leadership […]