Month: June 2016

Mind the Gap

What’s the GAP between what you SAY about your church and what you actually DO?

Tools For Pastors

The past year, it has been incredible to watch God open some new doors to other ministries, networks, and church leaders. One of my favorite new connections is with the tremendous team that leads the Exponential Conferences. It has been really cool to see the network of connections that has webbed off Greg’s relationships with Todd Wilson, the president of Exponential. Not only has it opened the door to several new relationships, but it has also introduced us to some fantastic resources on the Multiplication front.

Pushing Your Limits

Recently, Tim Knighton of Shively Christian Church sat down with me to share how his assessments set him on a journey to be a better leader with his team, within the staff, with his congregation and at home.

4 Things Great Hires Do

One the greatest obstacles we face as leaders is our own insecurity. We feel like, in order to lead, we have to be the best player on the team. Not true. Great leaders hire great people. People who are better at what they do than what the leader is at what he does. The courage to hire like that is rare. The willingness to acknowledge it publicly is ever more rare.

6 Lids to Church Health

Churches, just like plants and animals, have life-cycles. And just like organisms, churches can find themselves in an unhealthy place that limits their growth. After working with hundreds of churches, the same six lids kept emerging and we noticed that seldom does an individual congregation wrestle with just a single lid. The more lids a church is facing, the more difficult it is to get healthy and multiply.