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Multiplication DNA

Multiplication DNA

I am closing in on my first year as a full-time staff member with Healthy Growing Churches.  In multiple ways, it has been an exciting eleven months.  I have a collection of amazing stories to tell of the ways God is using HGC to impact the Church. The nature of […]

Are You Discouraged

Are You Discouraged? – From One Pastor to Another

Later this year, I will celebrate one year on full time staff with Healthy Growing Churches. As you might expect, my interactions with local church pastors has increased dramatically during the last several months. It has been pure joy to partner, train, coach, and encourage leaders who are on the frontline of […]

Why Do Churches Resist Becoming Healthy? Why Change is Important.

Why Do Churches Resist Becoming Healthy?

Why do churches resist becoming healthy? For the ten years since starting HGC, this question has haunted me. This question has kept me up a night; and frustrated my waking moments. Anyone who has worked with churches or overseen them from a denomination perspective at some point has had to […]

Imagine: No Bible

Imagine: No Bible

Last night I was having coffee with a friend as we explored Part III, Chapter 1 of Multiply, Disciples Making Disciples. The chapter is titled: Why Study the Bible? On the surface, those of us who were raised in the church don’t even consider the question, of course we study […]

Disciple Maker Assessment and New Book Released!

Disciple Maker Assessment HGC, along with and just released a Disciple Maker assessment which helps individuals determine where they are on the disciple making continuum. This tool is FREE and  takes about 20 minutes to complete. The results are designed to help you discern your disciple making effectiveness — Jesus’ […]

One Pastors Prayer, and a Found Dog

  Shortly after our consultation at Friendship Church in October of 2015 pastor Nathan Heady felt challenged to meet and serve the neighbors around Friendship. He began to pray over specific houses in the neighborhood surrounding the church. He prayed that their lives would be touched by Friendship. Earlier this […]

The Impact of 1,000 Healthy Churches

Every year we hear more and more that people are leaving the church, that churches are dying, and church plants are failing. We read these statistics and think, is it possible to see the church thrive, grow, and truly see the world transformed? Though we live in a world where we […]

Our Big Dream

  Last week I sat in a room of 5,000 church pastors and leaders, overwhelmed by the kingdom impact that such a week could have. Throughout the week, speaker after speaker stood up on the Exponential stage an encouraged the crowd to dream a big dream for the kingdom. We were […]

A Critical Moment for the Church: Why Do You Stand Here?

The Church in America is in a critical moment.  The church multiplication conversation is gaining tremendous momentum through dozens of church planting networks and ongoing conversations like the one the Exponential Conference is encouraging.  There is a growing hope these movements will continue to empower the Church forward to greater […]

Is Easter the ‘High Point’ for your Ministry?

By the time this hits your inbox Easter celebrations for 2017 will in the books.  It was a tremendous day at my church home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We worshipped, welcomed first time guests, and saw life change happen throughout our facility! I hope you too are celebrating the many powerful […]