Month: April 2016

Bring in an Expert

Several years ago I began having some measured levels of success in growing my church. In fact, it grew VERY well. As a result, I began having other pastors and churches ask me if I could come in and share some of our “secrets of success.” They weren’t really secrets […]

Creative Atrophy

Two hundred years ago pastors had to preach every week without vidoes, bands, or even amplification. They had to write their own material without the help of material from North Point, LifeChurch or Willow Creek. There were no dynamic children programs or cool youth pastors or coffee bars in the lobby. They had their bibles, a handful of hymns and barely adequate facilities. Yet they reached their communities for Christ.

3 AM Wake Up Call

For Pastor Nathan Heady, waking up at 3 a.m. means one thing…it’s time to pray. He and his wife have a history with prayers needed and prayers answered in the small hours of the morning. So when he woke up on the Saturday before Easter and the clock said 3 a.m., he knew it was time to pray.

I could lose my job for this…

At the conclusion of the 40 day journey, Friendship Church had a celebration and invited those who participated to share stories of how God moved in their lives. One of the most inspiring came from one of Friendship’s newer Christ followers, Hailey Bennett.

Hailey took a bold step to ask to pray with one of her customers, knowing it may get her in trouble at work. And the best part, the customers let her. 

Got A Fitbit?

I got a Fitbit for Christmas. I didn’t get it because it’ll exercise for me, though THAT would be the ultimate gift! I got it because it gives me two things I think everyone needs: Honest Assessment and Accountability. Those of you who know me know that I try to stay in decent shape. But I’ve decided I want to be more diligent.

Moving Toward Multiplication

Most pastors and churches (both new and established) are not asking the question or talking about what it might look like for them to multiply. When leaders and churches have the courage to ask this question the idea of God giving birth to something new becomes a very real possibility. A simple question and the conversation that ensues is a giant step forward in moving toward multiplication.