Creative Atrophy

Two hundred years ago pastors had to preach every week without videos, bands, or even amplification.  They had to write their own material without the help of material from North Point, LifeChurch or Willow Creek.  There were no dynamic children programs or cool youth pastors or coffee bars in the lobby.  They had their Bibles, a handful of hymns and barely adequate facilities.  Yet they reached their communities for Christ.

Sometimes I think our accessibility to so much dumbs down our ability to be creative.  Like any muscle we don’t use, the creative part of us begins to atrophy.

Like any muscle we don’t use, the creative part of us begins to atrophy.

We don’t invent anything because we don’t have to.  We rely so often what’s fabricated that we may sometimes miss what could be INSPIRED.  Please hear my heart, I’m not saying it’s wrong to take advantage of the plethora of available ministry accessories.  They’re AWESOME and I’m glad I live in such a time.  What I am saying is that if you find yourself growing a bit bored skimming through stuff looking for the next programmatic stimulant to give your congregation, maybe it’s because God wants to birth something NEW in you.

Maybe the best stuff isn’t OUT THERE…maybe it’s IN YOU!  Maybe you just need to look at your people and your community with fresh eyes and an open heart to discover something incredible and amazing.  Maybe the BEST thing you come up with next year will come out of REFLECTION, not researching websites.

ChilesPost contributed by Steve Chiles, Senior Pastor of Shartel Church of God, in Oklahoma City, OK. He is a coach and consultant with HGC, as well as, providing leadership with the Network Gathering.