Month: August 2015

Bulbs Create Light

Jesus talks about four kinds of people in the Kingdom when he describes the seeds sown on the soil (Matthew 13). Today I find there are these six types of people in the church with regard to how we handle our light (Matthew 5.14).

Meeting with the board of New Life Family Church

When I drove up the facility of New Life Family Church in Kansas City, I really didn’t know what to expect. It had been 6 years since we did our consultation with the church and I had kept up with it while we saw conversions, growth and a transforming of […]

Meeting with the Board and Team at Miamisburg Church

It is exciting to look into the future of the Miamisburg Church as they, along with HGC’s help, begin to discern what the next chapter of their story looks like.

Jon Ferguson at the 2016 Network Gathering

Our Network Gathering Planning team is excited to announce our speaker for 2016 is Jon Ferguson.

Watch Out for Ding-ding-ding

All too often the problems we face today are caused by something we ourselves did long ago.

Small Groups: Changing the World, One Person at a Time

Lost people will only be introduced to Christ when we stop preaching at them and start relating to them. Disciples will only be built into the image of Jesus Christ as we build healthy relationships in close proximity with each other.  Lives will be changed for all of eternity to the extent that we can build healthy and close relationships with each other, beginning with the pastor.  The world will only be changed as the lives in it are changed.