Month: August 2016

Dealing with Dysfunction

As a leader, you have to burn this into the frame of how you think: Culture trumps EVERYTHING! One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is allowing leaders to continue to act in dysfunctional ways in my organization longer than I should have because they were key or high producing leaders. Confronting, transforming and/or ultimately removing these kinds of people is one of the key roles of the leadership chair. So why don’t we do it quickly and readily? A few reasons…

One of “America’s Worst Charities” Closes Down

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The “I” In Team

There’s no “I” in team. Ever heard that? It’s not true. There actually is. Maybe not in the spelling of the word, but certainly in the function of it. In fact, your “I” as a leader is an extremely important part of team.

Bridge to the Neighbors

One of the things we have been focusing on at Friendship Church is reaching out into the community, specifically, the Park West neighborhood behind us. We have had a burden for actually taking our people over into the community, and being visible to our neighbors.

What I learned from Joshua

HGC is in a time of change and we are stepping out in faith to reach the next level. As the leader of HGC, I have been seeking God’s wisdom and direction. There have been few times in my life where I have so diligently sought His heart on an issue. Read some of what I have learned from Joshua.