Author: Dave Phillips

Cultivating a Sending Culture

Every church has a culture captured within the DNA of its people and reflected in the values and vision of its leadership. Whether it’s good or bad, well, that’s a whole different story! In this post, we want to explore one aspect of culture that has to do with creating […]

Dying to Restart Webinar

We hope the Dying to Restart webinar helped you explore this challenging point in the life of the Body of Christ you are serving. We recorded the video and offer here for review or for those who were unable to attend. Feel free to leave comments or questions. We’d love […]

HGC Mission Overview

Here’s a quick video that helps explain what we’re passionate about at HGC.  

Exponential 2018 Presentations for Downloading

Here’s a downloadable list of presentations at our Pre-Conference Equipping Lab as well as our two workshops during the conference. Beth Ehlert – Redeeming the Dysfuntional Team Brad Brisco – Cultivating a Sending Culture Dan Turner – Dying to Restart Greg Wiens – Hero or Hero Maker Leigh Ann Lutrell […]

Five Practices of a Biblical Hero Maker

Are you a Hero or Hero Maker?  You may think it just semantics, but the difference between these two descriptors are like night and day. In a soon to be released book Hero Maker: 5 Essential Practices For Leaders To Multiply Leaders by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird, five distinct practices […]

Exponential 2018 – Pre-Conference Equipping Lab Details

Exponential 2018 Is Here!! We’re super excited about Exponential 2018 and our chance to lead off with our Wired for Impact Pre-Conference Equipping Lab!! Here are some details to help you get started. By registering through HGC, you’re part of the Pre-Conference AND the Main Conference. Let the Exponential volunteers […]

Exponential 2018

Wired for Impact! Healthy Growing Churches is very excited to be hosting a learning lab at the 2018 Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida.   We’re hosting a learning lab Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning before the Exponential conference kicks off. Our theme this year is Wired For Impact. We believe […]

Why Choose HGC?

I know this may sound a bit bias or even on the verge of arrogant, but I am convinced most churches need a Healthy Growing Churches consultation. Well, maybe not specifically a HGC consultation, but they need an outside set of eyes to help them see what they currently cannot […]

Children’s National: Helping Kids Grow Up Stronger

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