Got A Fitbit?

I got a Fitbit for Christmas.  I didn’t get it because it’ll exercise for me, though THAT would be the ultimate gift!  I got it because it gives me two things I think everyone needs:  Honest Assessment and Accountability.  Those of you who know me know that I try to stay in decent shape.  But I’ve decided I want to be more diligent.  In my old age and fleeting memory, I find it easier to lie to myself.  My Fitbit tells me EXACTLY how many steps I’ve taken in a day.  It tells me how hard I pushed myself in workout by monitoring how many minutes were in my PEAK heart rate range versus in lower ranges.  It tells me EXACTLY how many minutes I spent exercising as opposed to my guess (like every good pastor I always guess numbers HIGH!)

But the biggest reason I got it:  IT REMINDS ME.  Every time I look at my wrist it’s a reminder that I need to walk more and eat less.  Every time I put it on I’m reminded that MY health is MY responsibility.  Every time I look at the app on my phone to see the numbers I get a true blue, no wool over my eyes look at just how I am actually doing.  I have goals and my Fitbit reminds me they are important.

As you set goals for yourself, your ministry or your church, I challenge you to put a “fitbit” to it.  Build into your goal setting Honest Assessment and Accountability of how you’re doing.  Believe that what you are doing is important enough to become a nuisance to yourself.  Like I tell my staff, “It’s not what you EXPECT, but what you INSPECT that gets done! Keep your goals always in front of you as a reminder.  The healthy of ministries and the eternal outcomes of what we are trying to achieve are too important to leave to chance!

ChilesPost contributed by Steve Chiles, Senior Pastor of Shartel Church of God, in Oklahoma City, OK. He is a coach and consultant with HGC, as well as, providing leadership with the Network Gathering.