I could lose my job for this…

I Could Lose My JobAt the conclusion of the 40 day journey, Friendship Church had a celebration and invited those who participated to share stories of how God moved in their lives. One of the most inspiring came from one of Friendship’s newer Christ followers, Hailey Bennett.

This young woman has been at Friendship a little over a year. She is a server at Olive Garden. One day during the prayer journey while at work, Hailey noticed a family at one of her tables. The wife’s head was freshly shaved and she was wearing a hat with a pink ribbon.

Hailey asked about the hat. The customer was indeed battling cancer and was getting ready to travel out-of-town for a new round of treatments. The customer and her husband shared some of their medical journey and Hailey shared a story from one of her friend’s battles with cancer.

After the conversation, Hailey took a bold step, asking to pray for the woman and her family. “I knew I shouldn’t do this, I could lose my job for it but I felt like God wanted to use me.” says Hailey.

I could lose my job for it but I felt like God wanted to use me.

The woman agreed to receiving the prayer and her husband shared, “We are atheists. We wouldn’t normally do this.” But for a reason they probably can’t even explain, they let a stranger, who is herself young in her faith, pray over them both right there in Olive Garden.

When they left the restaurant that day, the woman and her husband left a $200 tip for the Hailey and a promise to be back when they return from their travel and treatments.

And it should be no surprise that this young woman who prayed over a stranger was at that time in financial need herself. God used her to reach out and then showered on blessings on His daughter.