Stages of a Church Consultation

This is the process that we now have the privilege of entering with three churches in very different places with very different needs.  Pray with us and watch with us as God works miracles in each of these bodies.  
Stages of a Church Consultation
The Evaluation stage

We gather information through the self-study, assessments, interviews, focus groups, surveys, prayer, on-site visits and historical documents to truly attempt to understand all of the uniqueness of each congregation AND of each leader.  We fully understand that no two congregations are alike and each congregation must be treated as “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Therefore, in the Evaluation stage, we not only listen to what the individuals in the church are saying, but also what they are not saying.  We ask God for divine insight into the systemic issues at work in each congregation.

The Covenant stage

We take all of the input gathered in the Evaluation stage and seek to develop a plan that is as unique to this congregation as your fingerprint is to your hand.  We seek to ask God for wisdom and discernment as we put together an action plan for the next two years that (if followed and implemented) would transform the congregation, its leaders and their community.  The goal is life change through transformation, not just plan completion. So great care is given to ensure that each recommendation would maximally impact the church, community and leaders for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

The Implementation stage

The final stage is the most difficult stage of all.  Evaluating and agreeing on a Covenant are easy compared to implementing the recommendations thereof.  This stage consists of two years of coaching toward directed outcomes.  The coaching plan is to implement the recommendations in a manner to produce the desired outcomes identified in the Covenant.  There is an annual review with the board to determine the progress being made and usually, there are needed mid-course corrections.  Things don’t often turn out exactly as expected and so changes are made as the Pastor, Elders, Coach and HGC team all come together in agreement.