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In the Face of Frustration

Frustration in the face of the way things are makes us open to the big lie. Frustration and fear and anger can suspend our ability to ask difficult questions, to listen to thoughtful critics, to do our homework.— Seth Godin In all of the churches I have either worked with […]

Pushing Your Limits

Recently, Tim Knighton of Shively Christian Church sat down with me to share how his assessments set him on a journey to be a better leader with his team, within the staff, with his congregation and at home.

6 Lids to Church Health

Churches, just like plants and animals, have life-cycles. And just like organisms, churches can find themselves in an unhealthy place that limits their growth. After working with hundreds of churches, the same six lids kept emerging and we noticed that seldom does an individual congregation wrestle with just a single lid. The more lids a church is facing, the more difficult it is to get healthy and multiply.

What if I am found wanting?

What if I am found wanting?
That’s the question Bill Greiner of Eagle Ridge Church of God found himself asking as he and his church prepared for their consultation weekend with HGC last year.

Bring in an Expert

Several years ago I began having some measured levels of success in growing my church. In fact, it grew VERY well. As a result, I began having other pastors and churches ask me if I could come in and share some of our “secrets of success.” They weren’t really secrets […]

Thanksgiving Update with our Consultations

As we approach Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by our progress in helping our three scholarship churches enter into new life cycles.

Stages of a Church Consultation

Each church consultation consists of three stages: Evaluation, Covenant and Implementation. This is the process that we now have the privilege of entering with three churches in very different places with very different needs.