Thoughts on Coaching…from a restaurant?

Recently, my wife and I stopped at Coach’s Bar & Grill for dinner. What I saw on the back of the menu struck me. I immediately shared these thoughts on coaching with the HGC team.

Coach in ThoughtCoaches wake up thinking about strategy and stay up late reviewing the results.

Coaches sacrifice free time, family and sleep for the good of the team.

Coaches pick us up when we’re down and put us in our place when we’re out of line.

Coaches inspire us to push harder, run faster and dream big.

Coaches teach us about loyalty, commitment, integrity and respect.

Coaches remind us that how hard you fought matters more than the final score.

Coaches show us how to learn from both our wins and our losses.

Coaches turn a group of individuals into something greater than the sum of their parts: a team.

Do these resonate with you? Do you have a coach who is inspiring you, challenging you, helping you be better?

Post contributed by Greg Wiens, HGC Chief Catalyst.
photo credit: Coach in Thought by Harris Walker. (license)