It’s About The Journey

september-newsletterIn the last year and a half, Bob Shallenberger has begun living in a different way. His values haven’t changed but his ability to be ‘on mission’ has. When a new task or project comes across his desk, he asks himself when doing this project, will he be Exemplifying Servanthood. If the answer is yes, then he knows he is doing something that is a part of God’s purpose for his life. Bob is an “On-Purpose” person. How did he achieve this clarity?

Bob is an HGC coach who was working with a pastor who felt stuck in his current role. The person he was coaching felt like his passions weren’t being used and he wasn’t sure how to define where he needed to go. Bob reached out to Dave Vogelpohl, HGC’s Coaching Catalyst for resources. Dave brought Living On-Purpose Coaching, a methodology Dave had used with other pastors and was based upon work created by Kevin McCarthy, author of the On-Purpose Person and On-Purpose Peace, to the HGC Coaching Way and suggested that Bob consider this program.. Living On-Purpose Coaching is designed to guide a person though the process of discovering their own personal Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values, or another way to say it is discovering that unique place from which to serve God.

Bob went through the program with Dave and, then, with the person he was coaching. Both pastors were energized and inspired by both the process and the results. But even more important, Bob discovered that the journey to discovering your purpose was as valuable as the end result. Bob knew he had a tool and program that could impact so many others.

So Bob brought the Living On-Purpose program to his church staff and discovered that the journey brings healing.  Through the process, one staff member discovered he was carrying hurts that were impairing his compassion. Through the discovery process, he was able to lay down the hurts, gaining energy and empathy to use to reach others.

Bob has led a variety of leaders thru the journey. From the young to the young-at-heart, all have found an intentionality with being an On-Purpose person.
Bob has led a variety of leaders thru the journey. From the young to the young-at-heart, all have found an intentionality with being an On-Purpose person.

Bob brought Living On-Purpose to his church and discovered the journey brings people together. He is currently walking through the process with a group of twelve men. This group comes from all walks of life in his congregation, from retired to recently graduated and ages in between.  These men are discovering their purpose together. Bob has found that each group and setting brings its own dynamic to the program. In this group, there is a father and an adult son who are both participating. The father shared with Bob that the journey is bringing him and his son closer than ever. While each are doing their assignments separately, they come together over breakfast and discuss what they are discovering. “This father and son had never taken time to meet together in this way, to share with each other what God is doing in their own lives. They have never been closer.” shared Bob.

Bob is taking another HGC coach, Nathan Tatman, and the person he is coaching, Daniele Sontano, through Living On-Purpose so that this journey will bring people closer to God. The whole process of Living On-Purpose helps the individual define how God created them to reflect His glory. Through this process, Daniele is discovering his God-given purpose and using that as a springboard to define the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values for his church. Daniele and his coach realized that without personal clarity, it would be difficult to achieve a clear direction for the church Daniele is leading.

Inspired by how the Living On-Purpose program impacted him personally, the person he was coaching and the church of that pastor, Nathan is in the process of helping HGC develop an On-Purpose coaching process for churches to use in developing a church-wide Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values process and applying that to their ministry.

According to Bob, “Understanding your personal purpose before attempting to develop the purpose of the church is key for leaders. A leader cannot effectively lead outside their God-given purpose for a prolonged period of time.” [Tweet “Understanding your personal purpose before attempting to develop the purpose of the church is key. “]

And for Bob, bringing others through the journey that he himself took helps him fulfill his own purpose—

To the Glory of God, I exist to serve by exemplifying servanthood.

Have you defined how you glorify God in your daily life? Do you have clarity when evaluating which tasks and projects to tackle, which to delegate and which to eliminate? Want to know more about Living On-Purpose Coaching?

ShallenbergerBob Shallenberger is a pastor at the North Apollo Church of God and an HGC Coach.