Reflections from Exponential 2018

We have been annually attending the Exponential Conference for the past decade and we both agree this year’s event was clearly a highlight for us. From the HGC Pre-Conference Equipping Lab to the first main session with Albert Tate and Andy Stanley, we were reminded again of our Lord’s desire to use all of us to be Hero Makers. From our Breakout sessions to the last main session with Sam Stevens and Danielle Strickland, our attention was drawn to our own ministries and their impact in the Kingdom.

Heroes and Hero Makers

So often in past years, we have left having been impressed with the speakers and all the content presented. But this year was different. We left with a yearning to be a better Hero Makers. Maybe this year was different because of the nature of the content of Hero Making; maybe because of Greg’s work with Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird on the book, Hero Maker, and soon to come HM5 assessment; maybe because of the Spirit speaking to us specifically about our season of life and ministries.

I heard many leaders asking themselves how they could be less of a Hero and more of a Hero Maker. It also seems like our network is maturing and growing to the point where we are not as concerned about HGC as we are expanding the Kingdom. Of course, we have always been about expanding the Kingdom, but there is now more of a “settledness” in who we are created to be and how God is using us to engage churches to be healthy and multiply.

God is Moving! 

About 30% of those who attended our Pre-Conference Equipping Lab and 80% of those who attended our breakout sessions were not previously associated with HGC. God seems to be providing ministry opportunities for us to build bridges into new networks to see His Kingdom continue to expand! Many of you who spoke or attended demonstrated a heart of serving God wherever or however was needed. One example of this was during the breaks, I witnessed many of you intentionally finding and then speaking to people you didn’t know. In the past, it has been easy to only lean into existing relationships.

It is our desire that all of us in the relational network we call Healthy Growing Churches continue to grow in our ability to make Heroes of others, rather than only promoting our own ministry. I would pray that this would spark the transition in the journey of HGC being known as a network of Hero Makers for ultimate Kingdom impact way beyond our current circles of influence.

We Would Love Your Input!

Over the next week, we will begin posting Reflections from the 2018 Exponential Conference from a few of you in our network. We would love you to be one of these. If you would like to write a couple of paragraphs on what this year’s Expo meant to you, please send it to  It will be fun to collectively learn from each other.

Exponential 2019

We will have block of tickets for next year’s conference, so please look for our special rates and invitation! The theme for next year is: Called for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way.

Thanks for all of you who began this journey with us this last week.  If you would like, you can buy a digital pass to access the videos here. It can be purchased for only $49 if purchased before March 16th, 2018.

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