It’s Is Not About Money, it’s about Math

Around HGC, both in the past and in the future, there’s been a lot of talk about sponsorship. That sounds like a call for money. It’s really us doing the math. I know you think we’re talking about book-keeping and bank accounts and while there’s money involved, what we’re really talking about is call for Champions. Sponsorship is one way for Champions to MULTIPLY the gifts—financial, spiritual and leadership—that God has gifted each of us.

Champions walk alongside and make disciples.
In every church we work with, we want to actually make a difference in that church and in the world for Christ. We never want to just come in, dump a bunch of information and leave. After we complete the evaluation part, we focus our efforts on working with the church through coaching, feedback and accountability. People (and churches) usually don’t change without outside help. – Greg Wiens, Healthy Growing Churches

Champions change the direction.
I remember one pastor telling me how helpful the assessments were in understanding himself and how God has wired him up for ministry.  A single moment of insight and understanding can completely alter the trajectory of a pastor’s ministry.  God takes our simple gifts and MULTIPLIES them in the lives of others! – Steve Chiles, Shartel Church of God, Oklahoma City, OK

Champions facilitate what God already had in the works.
Perhaps the most beautiful take away for me was seeing how the assessments (both congregational and pastoral) converged to reveal an ideal path for this Church. The process did not create the convergence, but it revealed and affirmed it. Now we are pursuing aligning the pastor and congregation with the path revealed by the process. – Paul Strozier, Meadow Park Church of God, Columbus, OH

Champions let go of control to let God birth something new.
County Line’s vision is to ‘Restore our communities with Christ… one life at a time.’ Originally, we started new ministries to accomplish our vision and found that new ministries will only last as long as resources (mainly people and finances) are available. Now our approach has changed from ‘What ministry can we start?’ to ‘How can we plant more churches and campuses that restore communities?’. A local church has a longer life-cycle, reaching more people thus restoring more communities. Our vision is now being accomplished in the Kingdom on a much greater scale. – Nate Tatman, County Line Church of God, Auburn, IN

Join us in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, June 23rd to find out more about the Champions God has called, the work He is doing though them and the role we can all play.

Are you called to be a champion?