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Help 1,000 churches experience a turn around with the ultimate fruit being multiplication.

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Why 1,000 Churches?

Tom Planck's video on why we are pursuing the lofty goal of reaching 1,000 churches.

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  • HGC enabled our church to quickly determine the path needed to restore health and vitality. Assessing the emotional quotient for the leadership cleared the way for God to move quickly in bringing about His will for many individuals but also for the body. Everything they did confirmed what God was already telling me in my heart needed to be done. I appreciate not only their wisdom but their encouragement as they continue to walk this journey of faith with us.

    Bob B. :: Kansas
  • HGC helped our leadership team see things we were unable to see even though they were right in front of us. They have a deep bench of outstanding leadership experience to draw from and are Mission focused. Their recommendations were actionable and, nine months later, have put our church on a healthy path I would not have imagined.

    John Q. :: Maryland
  • As a young pastor (at least I think I am), I am excited to see this shift. I’m in! I am excited that we are returning to the model of “church” which is modeled in the book of Acts: a model that, at its core, has a holy passion of reaching our world for Christ. Thanks for demonstrating courageous leadership.

    Jerry R. :: Florida