Welcome to Healthy Growing Churches

Whether you’ve been one of our Champions for a while now or you’re completely new, we thought we would take the opportunity to either introduce or re-introduce you to who we are and what we do. As our mission statement says, we are passionate about engaging churches to be healthy and multiply. With the understanding that the Church is a living, breathing organism, we know that healthy churches will grow, and they will multiply. Let us partner with you, provide support, and encourage you to help you spread the message of the Gospel throughout the world.

Ways We Can Help:


We believe healthy churches are churches that are helping people find their way back to God through making disciples who are investing in others. Healthy churches are communities of faith that would be deeply missed if they were suddenly removed from their city.

We have consistently discovered when churches are not healthy they are struggling in one or more of what we call the Seven S’s of church health. Each of the Seven S’s of church health can potentially create lids that hinder a church from reaching maximum ministry impact. Our consultation process is designed to uncover these lids and make some clear recommendations for how to remove them. We have learned that this process is most effective when guided by an outside perspective. What is your lid?

There are two important factors that set HGC consultations apart.

First, our process is based heavily on research. Through assessments (for individuals and churches), surveys, historical information, interviews, conversations with the leadership, and focus groups from the congregation, we seek to fully understand what factors, from multiple fronts, are impacting the church in its current state. This in-depth research done with a listening posture that guides our consultation team to help a local church discern its best path forward.

Second, we are willing to speak the hard truth in love. From our experience, we have found it is the hard-to-speak truth that encourages pastors and church leaders to deal with the real issues hindering the church from reaching its maximum impact. Speaking hard truth is never easy, but this is often what is needed most. Too often this is lacking in what is known as church consulting.


HGC believes we are better together and that we often need someone to help us reach the next goal. Our professional coaches lead you through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, coaching not through a rote curriculum, but to the goal you set.


We believe everyone has an A-game. The challenge with most of us in ministry is that we are not really clear about what our A-game is and what venues of ministry capitalize on our strengths. Too many of us fulfill roles which are either based on someone’s expectations or that simply don’t align with our strengths. Every leader has a venue for their leadership to extend the Kingdom.

Assessments for Individuals

  1. They help individuals understand what reality is in their life. Well-designed assessments provide psychometrically valid insights for individuals to fully appreciate who they are now. Once there, it’s feasible to determine where to go and how to get there. Without exception, assessments help you see yourself more realistically.
  2. They provide an opportunity to review your past behavior. This is not an attempt to guilt anyone, but rather an opportunity to take an honest look at yourself. As with any assessment, it does no one any good to “fudge” or paint a rosy picture of a past that really didn’t exist. When you are honest about where you have been, you can then better evaluate where you currently are.
  3. They ask about typical behaviors as an opportunity to take an introspective look at yourself, so it’s important to respond from what your heart desires. Don’t answer according to what others want for you. Choose your answers based on what you really desire. Trying to please others won’t really be enough motivation to cause you to change, much less reorient your life. It is not helpful to answer in a manner that isn’t rooted in reality.

Assessments for Churches and Teams

  1. Church Type Assessment: This assessment is intended to help you, as a church leader, get an idea of your how your church is operating church – as a single cell, stretched cell, or multi-cell.
  2. Life Cycle Assessment: This assessment is intended to help you, as a church leader, get an idea of where you believe your church is in its life cycle and the type of assessments we use during a consultation.

All of our assessments and consultations are tightly coupled with Healthy Growing Leaders (HGL) through Greg Wiens, Ph.D., the founder of HGC. Greg has been a creative assessment architect for over 30 years. His expertise and experience allow us to help you on an individual and organizational level throughout the process.

Get Involved With HGC

Here are two ways you can get involved as one of our champions:

  1. Prayer Team. If you’re also passionate about the type of work we do, consider becoming a part of our Prayer Team. Everything we do is steeped in prayer, especially weekend consultations. We invite all prayer warriors to get involved!
  2. Scholarship A Church. Perhaps you’ll even consider donating so that we are able to give scholarships to some churches who desperately need the resources we provide–every little bit counts!

Pause and Reflect

Take a moment and think about the church you serve. Is it healthy? If you answer that question with a “no,” why is it unhealthy? Is it time to reach out for a little help? HGC is here to serve you. We desire to have a transformative relationship with you and your local church. Let us know how we can best serve you.

If you have any questions, complete the form below or feel free to email our Chief Catalyst: tom@healthygrowingchurches.com.

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