Greg Wiens

HGC Founder

Greg has been a creative assessment architect for over 30 years. He has worked with organizations that range in size and interest from Fortune 100 companies and public schools to non-profits. His passion is helping leaders understand how their unique wiring contributes to their productivity and sense of fulfillment. This ultimately leads these leaders to create healthy teams from which they increase their team and individual productivity through synergy.

Healthy Growing Leaders grew out of Greg’s practice of helping leaders be better versions of themselves. He has developed twenty different individual and organizational assessment instruments used in a wide variety of fields.

From 1995 to 1999, Greg was a visiting Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Central Florida where he taught courses in educational ethics, quantitative and qualitative research, statistics, measurement, and assessment. He also was an Associate Professor at Warner Southern University, teaching and developing a variety of courses. In addition, he has been a consultant to corporations, public schools and non-profits. A variety of organizations have benefited from his wisdom and instruments on leadership practices,  assessment, and team development.

Greg received his formal education at the University of Michigan where he received his BS in Industrial and Operations Engineering in 1976 and worked on an MBA in Corporate Finance also from the University of Michigan. He received his Master of Divinity at Anderson University School of Theology in 1984. In 1995, Greg was awarded his Ph.D. in Psychometrics from the University of Central Florida (statistics specifically in the area of testing, measurement, and assessment).

Greg has been married to his wonderful wife, Mary Kay, for over 41 years, and they have three children. All of his children are married and have given them seven grandchildren. Jordan & Jaime Wiens have three children (Jodie, Anderson and Isaac), Erin & Steve Southards have four children (Payton, Colton, Presley and Stetson) and Colin & Cayla Wiens.