New Marching Orders for HGC

Healthy Growing Churches has had the privilege of serving the Church for more than a decade. During this time, we have impacted a countless number of leaders and churches through an abundance of God’s grace and favor. During the summer of 2017, I assumed the chief catalyst role for Healthy Growing Churches. This transition was not heavily publicized, because we decided to allow this news to organically move through the web of relationships in our networks naturally.

This transition of leadership at HGC allows our founder, Greg Wiens, to focus on his “A-Game” through Healthy Growing Leaders and help leaders recognize their strengths and weaknesses to improve their team’s productivity.

New Marching Orders for HGC

From time to time, ministries arrive at a place where they feel the need to evaluate their mission. They often wrestle with questions like: Is this still our core purpose? Do the words of our mission statement still capture God’s marching orders for us? Sometimes this process leads a team to realize they need to tweak the sentence that describes their core business.

Healthy Growing Churches finds itself in one of those seasons. While we will continue to engage churches to be healthy and multiply, these words no longer most clearly articulate our mission.

To those who have been impacted by the ministry of HGC in the past, it won’t appear much has changed and rightfully so. We will continue to serve the Church is many of the same ways we have over the past decade-plus. There will, however, be some new ways we serve the Church and its leaders in the future.

Engage Leaders to Multiply Churches

Therefore, a new mission statement was needed that more clearly captured our God-given mandate. Going forward, the new HGC mission will be: To Engage Leaders to Multiply Churches.

HGC has and hopefully always will be a ministry that serves leaders in the trenches, working hard to ensure their church’s ongoing kingdom impact. I am continually overwhelmed by the high number of pastors I encounter on a weekly basis that are frustrated and discouraged. HGC is passionate about engaging leaders in ways that can help them find new levels of ministry effectiveness and increased health of the churches they serve. HGC is uniquely positioned to partner with leaders who are committed to making sure their city has one more church that is helping people find their way back to God. We long to inspire and challenge leaders build a culture in their church that produces disciples to a third and fourth generation of reproduction, one that leads them to launch other new churches that can do the same.

Over the past couple of years, HGC has been heavily influenced by the thinking of our Exponential family. The conversation they are sparking and leading in the Church today has reminded us that helping a church get healthy and growing isn’t enough. We need to be engaging leaders in ways that empower their churches to multiply.

the question is: How will we multiply?

HGC will continue to find innovative ways to help churches wrestle with an answer to one pressing question: How will we multiply? It’s no longer a debate about if we should multiply, it’s now a matter of how. We firmly believe that if a leader engages with this question and leads their team down this path, it will spark a ministry movement that creates disciples who make disciples and churches that start churches.

On the surface, it may appear all we did was some wordsmithing. Below the surface, our ministry focus changed slightly and the words to our new mission statement capture that slight, but important change. We are extremely excited to see where God leads us as we engage leaders to multiply churches.