Reproducing Churches for Significant Kingdom Impact

Working with Healthy Growing Churches means you don’t have to tackle the task of multiplying alone.  Whether you are a pastor with a heart for planting, a congregation with a desire to grow or a network looking to impact future generations, we work alongside you to Identify, Equip and Multiply.


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IDENTIFY – People. Passion. Places.
multiplication circleDiscover Multipliers
HGC sponsors discovery events for multipliers, senior pastors, and congregations. These events provide the right atmosphere for potential multipliers to discover God’s heart, call, and vision.

Assess Multipliers
Build relationships, partnerships, and systems to effectively identify people, passion, and places.
Our PATCH process guides multipliers through a detailed assessment and planning process in the preparation phase of multiplication.

Align People and Resources
Once multipliers have been discovered and assessed, we clearly define necessary partnerships for momentum and exponential impact.

EQUIP— For Impact.
multiplication circleResource Multipliers and Multiplying Churches
We provide a number of online and on-site training opportunities for continued impact.
HGC has a growing database of resources to help pastors and churches get from dream to launch.
Coaching is essential for multiplication. HGC is equipped to provide qualified training for pastors and churches that have a heart for multiplication.

Relate (Connect Multipliers)
Multiplier cohorts provide support, encouragement, and training.
We passionately affirm that no one should, or will, multiply alone.
Monthly HGCM network calls keep those in the trenches of multiplication connected so they are fully prepared for the task.

Review Progress
Milestones provide key markers to measure progress. They define next steps for every multiplication project.

MULTIPLY— Christ Followers. Missional Leaders. Faith Communities.
multiplication circleCultivating Congregations are communities of faith committed to multiplication. There are three opportunities to engage:

Partner—champion the cause through prayer and funding. Partners ask not if we should multiply, but how will we multiply.

Practitioners—create multiplication through residency programs, expanding to an additional campus, or joining with two to three other congregations to daughter a church.

Legacy Investors—contribute to the future through investments, not loans or grants, to produce a high kingdom return for multiplication and leave a legacy.