Level Two Assessments

Level Two Assessment

Before a person would be selected for high investment (e.g. putting thousands of dollars into a church plant), a Level Two Assessment is advised. Level Two is a one-day assessment that gives a greater insight into the life and history of the pastor. This level includes a much more in-depth look into the instruments that were previously given. Other tools are added which confirm the self-report given on the Level One instruments (360º assessments & Couples report). Some heuristic tools are included to assess their past behavior and family health under stress (Behavioral Assessment & Family History Analysis).

Level 2 Includes:

  1. Six hour assessment debrief
  2. More in-depth debrief of the 6 assessments in Level 1
  3. 360º Assessments
  4. CCR (Couples Counseling Report)
  5. Behavioral assessment
  6. Family history analysis
  7. Demographic assessment
  8. Psychographic analysis
  9. Step by Step Coaching Plan & Written debrief summary