Creating God in Our Own Image

WILD-5So often, we see God only through our own eyes.  It is so difficult to get our own desires and perspectives out of the picture in order to see God and His desires. Honestly, we create Him in our own image, instead of seeing ourselves as being created in His image.

So how do we keep ourselves from seeing God only through our own, limited perspective?

We must create teams of people with different gifts to surround and support us.  In Ephesians 4, Paul talks of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers each having different gifts, perspectives and views of ministry. These leaders would speak into each other’s life, providing a check for those ‘solo’ hearing from God. I think most leaders who say God has led them to something would also say that they have influential people who speak into their lives.  Leaders need boards and other members in the Body to truly be honest and say, “I don’t think that is what the Lord is saying; I think that is what you want to do”.

We have to be honest about our own strengths and weaknesses with our team. I took a big step in that direction yesterday.  I shared with the board three new assessments on me, which paint a picture of both my strengths and my weaknesses; I wanted them to be equipped to speak truth into my life and to make the best decision for HGC knowing its leader.  As a leader, I submit myself to my board: I trust their hearts, heads and walks with Christ.

We must create an organizational structure and a culture where the truth is spoken in love. We must create a culture that values God speaking to individuals as well as natural revelation that occurs in the context of living every day with each other. Too often in the church we settle for ‘kindness without honesty’ over ‘truth with love’.  This results in the church being ineffective and unproductive: the church suffers and the Kingdom falters. We each need others who can speak the truth with love without rejection or condemnation.

As I work with leaders who “hear” from God, I am increasingly uncomfortable with how often they hear God in ways that seem to simply confirm the desires of their heart.  I fully understand the Psalm that if we delight ourselves in God, He will give us the desires of our heart (37).  But when we truly delight in Him, we give up on our own desires and succumb to His. This isn’t a momentary rush of delight, but a life long pursuit of submitting to God.

Do you have trouble getting your own desires out of the way so you can hear God’s? Do you have a trusted team that knows you well enough to speak the truth in love?
Post contributed by Greg Wiens, HGC Chief Catalyst.