HGC Vision: Cohorts

Cohorts are a powerful method of turning information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. When like-minded people get together with a common goal, a high level of commitment, and a desire to advance the Kingdom of Christ, we expect to see marvelous results!

Short Story

How will we multiply?

We’ve birthed several cohorts each of which began an intentional journey to answer the question: How will my church multiply? Through this cohort journey, we now have dozens of churches in the region building intentional frameworks for making disciples to a third and fourth generation of reproduction.

We have about a dozen established churches preparing to launch a wide variety of what we call multiplication ventures. The ventures range from the familiar attractional model to the launch of a network of missional communities.

In 2014, Healthy Growing Churches established a partnership with a network of churches in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. The purpose of the partnership was to link arms and figure out how to do church multiplication more effectively.

Early on in the partnership, we made the strategic decision that if we were going to make a lasting impact on church multiplication in the region, we were going to have to abandon our top-down approach. Top-down meaning, the network assuming almost full responsibility for church multiplication. What was needed was a grassroots movement where established church pastors wrestle with answering the one question: How will my church multiply?

This was not normal behavior in the culture of the region. So, before we would see established churches in this region shifting their focus on multiplication, we needed to change the conversation in the region. The cohorts filled this void and provided some amazing insights.

I share that story because it has been a big reason why HGC is developing a portfolio of cohorts for church leaders. We have learned that if we can get leaders into result-oriented relationships that include intentional discussions on multiplication, we will see new ministry movement!


Zoom.us Conference Call

All HGC cohorts are monthly two-hour Zoom.us conversations designed to help you grow as a leader and help your church increase its ministry impact. Cohorts are either six-month sprints or a full year process. Participants of the cohorts are also given a one-hour-long individual coaching session and one hour to be leveraged with the pastor’s board. HGC is currently launching three types of cohorts.

Types of Cohorts

Dying to Restart

Dying to Restart cohorts are best leveraged by church leaders who are leading churches that are at the very tail end of their life cycle. D2R cohorts are split into two six-month phases.

  1. Phase one is focused on helping church leaders assess their church’s readiness for leaving a legacy and entering the dying-to-restart journey.
  2. The second phase is centered around walking church leaders through the necessary steps to begin the dying-to-restart process.
D2R Application


Turnaround cohorts are designed for church leaders who are either leading a turnaround church toward a new life or leaders who desire to begin that journey. Turnaround cohorts are a twelve-month journey. These cohorts explore the various aspects of leading a church toward and into a new life cycle of effective ministry.

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Multiplication cohorts have one clear purpose. They are to propel church leaders on an intentional journey to answer one courageous question: How will my church multiply? These cohorts provide a high-level view of what it means to develop a multiplication culture that can support disciples who make disciples and a church that launch churches.

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Call to Action

Are you looking to develop some results-oriented relationships to help you or your church find a new level of ministry traction? Do you need a better understanding of where you are? Do you need a partner to help you figure out what needs to change in you or your church? Do you need help in implementing that change?

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