Great News!

We have some great news to share with you!

It sometimes feels overwhelming to hear all the challenges the Church in the U.S. and around the world are facing.

In 2015, Exponential and the Lifeway group conducted a research study. This study revealed that only 4% of churches across the U.S. were reproducing.

This information stirred Exponential on the road to the 4 to 10 Mission. Exponential wants to see that 4% become 10%, so in February of this year, the Becoming 5ive Multiplication Study was published revealing that the needle, indeed, has moved.

We are no longer at 4% of churches reproducing or 5 or 6, but we have seen an increase to 7% of churches in the U.S. that are reproducing! Think about that for a moment! Each percentage point equals 3,000-3,500 churches. This means that 9,000-nearly 11,000 churches now reproduce, and within those churches, people hear the word of God, find their freedom in faith, and become equipped and empowered to reproduce more and more.

That, my friends, is a reason to celebrate!