Is He a God of Plenty or of Little?

Today, on Black Friday, I am hit by how so many of us spend our money, especially in the Church. So often in the Church, we buy what is cheap, not what is needed. Whether we’re buying equipment for our building, assessments for our team, or even when hiring staff, we feel like we need to make a little go a long way. So we parse out our funds a little at a time buying what is cheap, not what is best for the situation.  Too often there is such a difference and the resulting poor decision actually results in Kingdom set-backs instead of improvements.

But that is exactly what many within the Church do…because they operate out of a mentality of scarcity.  They call it stewardship, but in reality, underneath their “stewardship” approach is a philosophy of scarcity.  They think that You, Father, only have so much to go around and, therefore, they need to hoard what they have.

I am not in any way talking about throwing God’s money away or wasting it. I am talking about investing His resources in assets that bring a maximum return on investment. I am talking about doing what is needed for the best return in the Kingdom and then trusting God and working with him to replenish the needed resources.

At HGC, we see the difference with consultations, coaching and assessments. Many consultation groups only come in and give some advice.  Or churches do assessments or develop a questionnaire on the cheap and find their results aren’t useful or valid. Coaches lead their groups through a set curriculum, regardless of the pastor’s current situation. What happens so often when leaders go cheap is that they get what they pay for—they don’t make good decisions, develop good processes or find the insight that will unlock new opportunities.  As a result, they don’t see much of a return on their meager investment. Worse, they say, “we tried that and it didn’t work”. They give up on improvements.

They should be ashamed of not getting the best they could get for God’s church. Would you buy the cheapest wedding dress for your bride? How much do you care for the Kingdom in general and your church in particular?  Are you willing to give whatever so that God can be glorified?  If so, then don’t go cheap…get the best that money can buy for the body of Christ.

Father, never let me presume upon your graciousness, but don’t let me feel you are a miserly master.  That is exactly why the servant who received one talent didn’t invest that talent…and you condemned him for such thinking.  Let me see you are a gracious God who works from abundance, you are a God of plenty, and you own the cattle on a thousand hills.  Forgive us when we live out of a scarcity mentality and see you as a miserly rancher, hoarding the cattle. 

Post contributed by Greg Wiens, HGC Chief Catalyst.