Dying to Restart

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CHURCH RESTART: A process by which a church long in decline chooses to lay to rest its vision, structure, ministries and history so that its Kingdom resources (members, leaders and assets) can be redirected to launch a new mission-focused church.

A restart combines all of the approaches of church planting with the pastoral work of helping a congregation to die. A restart is different from all other forms of church revitalization in that the existing church chooses a definitive ending characterized by a radical yielding of power and control to new guiding leadership.  Churches in need of a restart would not be able to withstand the time and effort required for a drastic revitalization.  In fact, most churches ready for a restart have a long history of failed revitalization attempts.

Greg Wiens & Dan Turner interviewed two dozen restart pastors to collect encouragement, practical resources, and lessons learned in the field.  These insights have been collected into the book Dying to Restart. The book will offer insights to both pastors and regional church leaders wrestling with the restart process.

Greg Wiens, HGC Chief Catalyst, brings a wealth of experience in guiding churches through the difficult decisions that accompany the late stages of a life cycle. HGC Consultant, Dan Turner, has led a church through the restart journey and knows the unique challenges and unexpected rewards of seeing the process through.

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