Dying to Restart Book Release!

Estimates vary depending on who you read, but of about 300,000 Protestant congregations in the United States, close to 270,000 of them have either plateaued in growth or are in severe decline. Every time I hear these statistics, my mind is flooded with questions:

  • What will happen to a majority of these churches over the next decade?
  • How many will close their doors for good?
  • How many will spend precious kingdom resources simply keeping the lights on?
  • Has God given up on these once thriving places of impactful ministry?
  • Is there hope for these dying churches?

Two of Healthy Growing Churches own (Greg Wiens, HGC Founder and Dan Turner, an HGC Champion) have recently published a FREE eBook, Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life, through Exponential to address some of these questions. The authors and HGC believe there is hope! However, we’re also quick to say that the pursuit of this hope will require great risk from both leaders and their churches.

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We can all point to countless books that help church leaders lead revitalization efforts or tweak what they’re doing to discover new levels of church health and ministry impact. The reality is that numerous churches have tried everything these books suggest and are still walking toward death. Dying to Restart, D2R, is the first comprehensive resource written specifically to help churches process the idea of an actual death and restart.

If your church or one you are connected to in some way is one of the thousands of churches nearing death, then D2R is a must read for you and those in your relational circle. It is a resource you must get in the hands of church leaders who are attending or leading a church that lacks hope for a thriving future.

Download the book today. Read it as fast as you can. Get it in the hands of someone you believe will find it helpful as well. We believe this resource will help dozens, hopefully hundreds (even thousands) of churches choose a strategic death for a resurrected life. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, we believe God wants to use the pages of this book to inspire church leaders to make the daring and courageous decisions: to choose a strategic death in exchange for a multiplying life! These bold steps are necessary for the sake of those in their community that need one more thriving kingdom impacting church.

Death is a reality for many churches across our country, but as we approach Easter, we are reminded that death does not have to be the end! Join us in praying for churches on the verge of closing. Pray this resource is helpful in moving hearts to restart with a whole new life.

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We are convinced this is such an important topic that we would love to help you by offering a few opportunities. We want you to join in the conversation!

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    Second, we’ve scheduled a webinar on April 19th at 2:00pm with Greg and Dan to talk about some of the key barriers and strategies for beginning the conversation with your congregation.