Don’t you just love meetings?

One of the most important exercises you can go through before meeting with your team, board or even a leader in your church is deciding what is worth thinking about. Good leaders come into every meeting with an agenda. Great leaders come into those meetings with an agenda of the RIGHT THINGS. Just because it’s on a list it doesn’t mean it’s worth talking about. Look at your upcoming agenda. Ask the following:

Are these really the most important things we can be talking about?

If we address these issues will they really help us move the ball down the field significantly, overcome hindering obstacles or free us to move faster or more effectively?

If we only have time to cover two or three issues thoroughly, are these the ones?

How empowered, challenged or focused are those in the room going to be if this is the agenda we cover?

Is there anything we should be talking about that I’m avoiding?

Having a good meeting is fun. Having a productive meeting is better. The exciting thing is YOU GET TO CHOOSE!


ChilesPost contributed by Steve Chiles, Senior Pastor of Shartel Church of God, in Oklahoma City, OK. He is a coach and consultant with HGC, as well as, providing leadership with the Network Gathering.