Multiplication DNA

Multiplication DNA

I am closing in on my first year as a full-time staff member with Healthy Growing Churches.  In multiple ways, it has been an exciting eleven months.  I have a collection of amazing stories to tell of the ways God is using HGC to impact the Church. The nature of […]

A Critical Moment for the Church: Why Do You Stand Here?

The Church in America is in a critical moment.  The church multiplication conversation is gaining tremendous momentum through dozens of church planting networks and ongoing conversations like the one the Exponential Conference is encouraging.  There is a growing hope these movements will continue to empower the Church forward to greater […]

Space: It’s Not The Final Frontier

“Space. The final frontier…” Sorry, my nerd is showing.  For as long as I can remember I’ve loved space. My dreams of becoming an astronaut were dashed when I got glasses in the third grade and then buried even deeper when I discovered rock and roll as a teenager. I […]

Moving Toward Micro

Regardless of a church’s current size, I firmly believe revolutionary change will happen in the Church when courageous leaders are willing to embrace a new scorecard and intentionally focus on making and mobilizing biblical disciples. When this happens, we’ll see churches not only making disciples, but also reproducing and multiplying.

Tools For Pastors

The past year, it has been incredible to watch God open some new doors to other ministries, networks, and church leaders. One of my favorite new connections is with the tremendous team that leads the Exponential Conferences. It has been really cool to see the network of connections that has webbed off Greg’s relationships with Todd Wilson, the president of Exponential. Not only has it opened the door to several new relationships, but it has also introduced us to some fantastic resources on the Multiplication front.

Moving Toward Multiplication

Most pastors and churches (both new and established) are not asking the question or talking about what it might look like for them to multiply. When leaders and churches have the courage to ask this question the idea of God giving birth to something new becomes a very real possibility. A simple question and the conversation that ensues is a giant step forward in moving toward multiplication.

Planting a Multiplying Church

From the very start, multiplication must be part of a church’s DNA and practiced through intentional decisions. As chief catalyst for Healthy Growing Churches, Greg Wiens works with church planters nationwide as he and the HGC team come alongside leaders to help create healthy churches that multiply. In the interview below, Greg talks […]

Crunching Becoming 5

In the last several months, if you have been talking to Greg, you’ve either heard him talk about the book, Becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church or he’s asked you to be a beta tester for the new assessment HGC has developed to support the book. If you’ve read the book and you’re like me, you’ve probably started mentally crunching some of the concepts and wonder what other people are saying about it. Here’s a look at some of the conversations I’ve heard within our network.

Multiplying in the Midwest – We’re Better Together

In 2012 states leaders and a few other interested pastors from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and HGC gathered in Indianapolis to wrestle with a couple key questions: How can we do church planting/church multiplication more effectively? How can we help our states move more toward a culture of multiplication? That conversation led us to ask an intriguing question, could we do it better if we did it together? The answer to that question was an emphatic yes! Trust grew quickly and a partnership was formed. The Midwest Multiplication Initiative was born that day and we went to work together!

Think Like a Church Planter

I have coached several pastors from established churches who were fighting existing patterns of ministry and a mentality that in many cases was hindering the church from having a high impact in their community. When one of those barriers would surface in our coaching conversations, the solution was clear: You have to begin to think more like a church planter.