Because we are so digitally connected, most of us take too little time for reflection. Jesus’ life suggest that quiet and unhurried time for prayer and reflection is essential for living a God-honoring life. It would seem impossible to live the life we are called by God to live without reflection

Making an Impact

We all want to change the world, in some way. Most of us believe our call has in some way directed us to make an impact in the relationships and sphere of influence in which we find ourselves. As I study leaders who have made significant differences in our world, I find they come in different shapes and sizes. They are of different personalities, means, passions, visions, genders, ethnicities, and principles they espouse. Their impact is different based upon a lot of external factors, which they can’t control, but there seem to also be three internal states, which critically influence their impact.

Meet HGC in OKC at Be Bold. Reclaim.

Will you be in Oklahoma City for the 2015 Church of God Convention? So will we! And we would love to meet up with you. Take a few minutes to look over the opportunities. Most of these events require pre-registration.

HGC Champion Scholarship Announced

We are organizing the Champion Scholarship to fund a Church Consultation project starting before the end of 2015. This will help to completely fund a church that is ready to embrace a new healthy life-cycle to more effectively reach their community for Christ. We are currently accepting applications for the First Annual HGC Champion Scholarship.

It’s Is Not About Money, it’s about Math

A single moment of insight and understanding can completely alter the trajectory of a pastor’s ministry.  God takes our simple gifts and MULTIPLIES them in the lives of others!

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

You have heard about the Affordable Care Act but have you thought about how it affects you and your church? This is a rapidly changing landscape and there are many questions. Churches and pastors will need to stay current as policies are developed and changed. Here’s a few questions you […]

Earl Wheatley, Leading Multiplication in Mississippi

HGC Family, let’s work to together to make Jesus famous and to put a smile on Earl’s face as he walks streets of gold.

Acquiring Humility

Humility can conjure up depressing images of self-abasement and groveling, however, this is not the true meaning of humility. Perhaps we can best understand humility by attempting to see ourselves through God’s eyes rather than our own.

God’s Purpose for the Church

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said to Peter and the other disciples, “I will build my church…” But for what purpose did He build His church? As I search the scriptures, there are two passages that serve as bookend statements that give our answer. In Matthew 4:18 and following, we find […]

What Is Healthy Growing Churches?

Healthy Growing Churches (HGC) is a network of missional-minded individuals and churches committed to expanding the Kingdom of God by transforming their communities and the world through and for Christ. Six years or so ago, five people met in Orlando, Florida to discuss their concern for the state of the […]