Scientific Church

These are just some of the vital systems needed in a healthy church in order for her to fulfill her mission…to see people come to know Christ and follow him in all with of their heart. Seems in most churches we were afraid of Scientific Management so we reacted and never developed systems.

Releasing Southeast

Today, I spoke with Ryan Carrell, founding pastor of the Southeast Project, a church on the southeast side of Indianapolis. I tried for two weeks to connect with Ryan to hear about their recent 3-year anniversary. As a church planter in a portable church, he has many irons in the fire. When I finally caught him, he so honestly shared some of what was keeping him busy—he was releasing Southeast.

Multiplying in the Midwest – We’re Better Together

In 2012 states leaders and a few other interested pastors from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and HGC gathered in Indianapolis to wrestle with a couple key questions: How can we do church planting/church multiplication more effectively? How can we help our states move more toward a culture of multiplication? That conversation led us to ask an intriguing question, could we do it better if we did it together? The answer to that question was an emphatic yes! Trust grew quickly and a partnership was formed. The Midwest Multiplication Initiative was born that day and we went to work together!

Thoughts on Coaching…from a restaurant?

Recently, my wife and I stopped at Coach’s Bar & Grill for dinner. What I saw on the back of the menu struck me…

Reflections from Sabbatical – Part 3

In this article I want to talk about what to do in preparation for a sabbatical to increase the likelihood that it goes smoothly and doesn’t have ministry interruptions. Al Ells ( coached me on some of these and I just lucked out on the others.

Reflections from Sabbatical – Part 2

Every leader needs a trusted and wise mentor to speak into his or her life, someone in his or her life with whom they are transparent and who has permission to speak into his or her life. I am a better person, husband, father, pastor and leader from having Al as a “mean friend” over the last 11 years. And the time with him while on sabbatical was priceless and will impact me for the rest of my life.

Finding a Path Forward

It was that church. It was that church with the amazing story to tell. It was the first church of its kind in the area. In fact, at its founding over 100 years ago, it was known as the First Church of God Tulsa. It was that church that moved […]

The Lord’s Purpose Prevails

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21
When I was telling a member of the HGC team about my recent trip to Hungary, this verse came to mind. I am so honored to represent HGC in Budapest and work with some great Christians in this beautiful city. I am humbled to be a part of God’s purpose in this part of the world. But this journey hasn’t been according to my plans and it hasn’t followed the plans in our covenant.

Putting Big Dreams Into Boxes

Every day we are bombarded by messages, advertisements, people, telling us to get out of the box! We live in a culture that celebrates innovation, free thinking, and “the next best thing”: all of which come from “getting out of the box”. Being outside of the box is, indeed, a […]

Reflections from Sabbatical – Part 1

Stress and fatigue have a compounding effect on the leader of an organization (church, ministry or even a business). I love leading. It is something that I feel called to do by God and something that He has equipped me to do. I find leading fulfilling and satisfying. What I was oblivious to is how stress from leading builds up over an extended period of time, much like multiple coats of paint on a wall.