Thanksgiving Update with our Consultations

As we approach Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by our progress in helping our three scholarship churches enter into new life cycles.

Cookeville Consultation

We have entered the consultation stage with the three churches that you are supporting through the HGC Scholarship. This past weekend, we took a team to Cookeville, TN to Friendship Church. Take minute to view the video and meet the team!

40 Days of Prayer for New Life Family Church

Founded in a store front 1922 in Kansas City, Kansas, New Life Church has a long history. From the first building in 1927 to expansions in the 1990’s, they have been working to reach out into their community. However, over time, the congregation has seen a decline in attendance and has hit some tough patches.

Stages of a Church Consultation

Each church consultation consists of three stages: Evaluation, Covenant and Implementation. This is the process that we now have the privilege of entering with three churches in very different places with very different needs.

Meeting with the Elders at Friendship Church

When I asked the Elders why they do it when so many other churches in their tribe were choosing slow death, they looked at me kind of confused. They said they didn’t want the church to close and wanted the church to reach their kids and grandkids. They didn’t have any other choice…

Meeting with the board of New Life Family Church

When I drove up the facility of New Life Family Church in Kansas City, I really didn’t know what to expect. It had been 6 years since we did our consultation with the church and I had kept up with it while we saw conversions, growth and a transforming of […]

Meeting with the Board and Team at Miamisburg Church

It is exciting to look into the future of the Miamisburg Church as they, along with HGC’s help, begin to discern what the next chapter of their story looks like.

Champions Banquet Makes Eternal Impact!

Eternity will be changed because of what happened tonight. A year from now, there will be people who know Jesus through these churches that don’t know him now. I do praise our Savior and Lord for working way beyond what we could dream or imagine.

It’s Is Not About Money, it’s about Math

A single moment of insight and understanding can completely alter the trajectory of a pastor’s ministry.  God takes our simple gifts and MULTIPLIES them in the lives of others!