Free Assessments

Free Assessments

Wondering where your church falls on the life cycle? Want to know more about how consultations work? Take our free assessments below and we will send you the results of where you see your church. Both the Church Type Assessment and the Life Cycle Assessment tools are used in consultations and, at that time, are administered to the entire congregation.

Church Type Assessment

This assessment is intended to help you, as a church leader, get an idea of your how your church is operating church, as a single cell, stretched cell, or multiple cell. This will also give you an idea of the type of assessments we use during a consultation.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Free Life Cycle AssessmentThis assessment is intended to help you, as a church leader, get an idea of where you believe your church is in its life cycle and the type of assessments we use during a consultation.

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Spiritual Gifts – Click here to take the Spiritual Gifts assessment online. [English or Spanish]

All too often, in churches and groups within churches today, there is considerable twisting to get people involved or 90% of the work is being done by a weary 10%. Why does this happen? Partially due to ignorance and partially due to avoidance of spiritual gifts. First, we should discover what gift was given to us at our Spiritual birth, then we need to see where that gift fits into the functioning of the body.

Imagine you and some friends decide to put together a football team. But, somehow your team ends up in the stadium playing a professional team. You would not fare too well and probably would be seriously hurt. This is because of your lack of equipment, training, conditioning, experience, and skills at playing the positions required.

The same holds true for the church today. People become involved in a church without the proper understanding of the equipment; little training, conditioning, or basic skills; and practically no knowledge of positions on the playing field.

It is essential to understand how we all can minister together toward our common goal. We must know how God can use us, i.e. the position we should play on the team.

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DISC Assessment

DISC – Click here to take the DISC assessment

In this assessment you are given 30 sets of four words. Select one word from each set of four that MOST describes you and one word of the four that LEAST describes you.

This assessment is environmentally sensitive, which means that you may score differently in different situations. In other words, you may act differently at home than you do on the job. So, as you complete the assessment you should focus on one environment for which you are seeking to understand yourself. For instance, if you are trying to understand yourself in marriage, you should only think of your responses to situations in the context of your marriage. On the other hand, if you want to know your behavioral needs on the job, then only think of how you would respond in the job context.

One final thought as you give your responses. On these kinds of assessments, it is often best and easiest if you respond quickly and do not deliberate too long in deciding. Your response on one set of four words will not unduly influence your scores, so simply answer as quickly as possible and enjoy the process. Don’t get too hung up, if none of the four words describe you or if there are some words that seem too similar, take a guess. Life is too short to worry about these issues on a personality assessment! And besides, if it really does bother you, it is probably because your C score is high and that is okay!

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