We believe everyone has an A-game. The challenge with most of us in ministry is that we are not really clear about what our A-game is and what venues of ministry capitalize on our strengths. Too many of us fulfill roles which are either based on someone’s expectations or that simply don’t align with our strengths. Every leader has a venue for their leadership to extend the Kingdom.

What is an Assessment

Not sure what an assessment instrument is or how they can provide insight into developing your leadership skills and finding your A-Game?

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Free Assessments

Free AssessmentsWondering where your church falls on the life cycle? Want to know more about how consultations work? Take our free assessments and we will send you the results of where you see your church.

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Assessment Development

Interested in learning more about HGC’s assessment development? Click to contact us and learn more about how HGC can develop a personalized assessment for your organization.

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Our Assessments

Price Level:

The In-Depth Targeted Assessment is a brief overview of the conflict resolution skills, personality factors, emotional intelligences, values, spiritual gifts, team/task assessment, and leadership style potential of the person being assessed.

The In-Depth Targeted Assessment process is inexpensive and has a 75-80% accuracy of assessing to a target (e.g. turnaround or planting pastor). If a person is ruled out for a particular targeted position, it can save the sponsoring organization resources for other candidates.

In-Depth Targeted Assessment Includes

1. Ninety minute debrief
2. Eight Instruments Including:

  • TKA Conflict
  • EQ
  • DISC
  • Values
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • 16PF (16 Personality Factors)
  • Competency Report
  • Financial Health Analysis

3. Written debrief summary with Coaching Points

Price Level:

Before a person would be selected for high investment (e.g. putting thousands of dollars into a church plant), an Intensive Targeted Assessment is advised. An Intensive Targeted Assessment is a one-day assessment that gives a greater insight into the life and history of the pastor. This level includes a much more in-depth look into the instruments that were previously given.

Other tools are added which confirm the self-report given on the Level One instruments (360º assessments & Couples report). Some heuristic tools are included to assess their past behavior and family health under stress (Behavioral Assessment & Family History Analysis).

Intensive Targeted Assessment Includes

  1. Six hour assessment debrief
  2. More in-depth debrief of the 6 assessments in Level 1
  3. 360º Assessments
  4. CCR (Couples Counseling Report)
  5. Behavioral assessment
  6. Family history analysis
  7. Competency Report
  8. Financial Health Analysis
  9. Demographic assessment
  10. Psychographic analysis
  11. Step by Step Coaching Plan & Written debrief summary

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