Application for HGC Cohort

Turnaround cohorts are designed for church leaders who are either leading a turnaround church toward a new life or leaders who desire to begin that journey. Turnaround cohorts are a twelve-month journey. These cohorts explore the various aspects of leading a church into a new life cycle of effective ministry.

Multiplication cohorts have one clear purpose: they are to lead church leaders on an intentional journey to answer one courageous question, “How will my church multiply?” These cohorts provide a high-level view of what it means to develop a multiplication culture that can support disciples who make disciples and churches that launch churches.

The cost for each cohort is $1,599 for the full 12-month process. The cohort fee invoiced when your application is accepted and payment is due before the cohort start date. We will launch new turnaround and multiplication cohorts in early October.

Please complete the following form. We’ll do our best to contact you within three business days.