Why Choose HGC?

I know this may sound a bit bias or even on the verge of arrogant, but I am convinced most churches need a Healthy Growing Churches consultation. Well, maybe not specifically a HGC consultation, but they need an outside set of eyes to help them see what they currently cannot see.

Every leader has blind spots. Every church eventually bumps up against some lids that are keeping them from reaching their full potential. It’s a proven reality for both pastors and the churches they lead.

We have seen these truths proven time and again in churches of all sizes and age. It doesn’t matter if a church is averaging 50 or 500 in weekend attendance. We have observed it in churches two years old and one hundred years old. All pastors and all churches eventually encounter barriers that are impeding maximum ministry impact.

When those barriers are encountered and ministry impact has stalled or is in decline, it is time for what we call “a look under the hood.” That is the core work of a HGC consultation. We help churches pop the lid and determine what might be keeping their engine from running at maximum output.

Over the past decade of working with churches of all shapes and sizes, we have identified seven lids to church health that show up most often in our looks under the hood. We call them the 7 S’s of church health. They are staffing, stewardship, structure, strategy, systems, spiritual sickness, and space.Below is a quick way for you to do some self discovery of where one or more of these lids might be showing up in your ministry or church. Take a few moments to score each of the 7 S’s.

So, now what? I am glad you asked! If you scored less than 5 in one or more of the seven S’s of church healthy then you likely need to seriously consider a look under the hood and we would love to help guide you all through that process. Better than 80% of the churches that walk out our complete consultation process experience the creation of a new life cycle and a significant increase their ministry effectiveness.

The links below will provide deeper dive into each of the 7 S’s.

**We are offering a 10% discount to anyone who attended Exponential West and commits to do a HGC consultation in 2018.

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