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Are You Discouraged

Are You Discouraged? – From One Pastor to Another

Later this year, I will celebrate one year on full time staff with Healthy Growing Churches. As you might expect, my interactions with local church pastors has increased dramatically during the last several months. It has been pure joy to partner, train, coach, and encourage leaders who are on the frontline of […]

A Critical Moment for the Church: Why Do You Stand Here?

The Church in America is in a critical moment.  The church multiplication conversation is gaining tremendous momentum through dozens of church planting networks and ongoing conversations like the one the Exponential Conference is encouraging.  There is a growing hope these movements will continue to empower the Church forward to greater […]

Structure: Setting The Congregation Free to Accomplish Its Purpose

Structure: Setting The Congregation Free to Accomplish Its Purpose

I often hear pastors and lay leaders talk about frustrations related to their church’s organizational structure.  As we unpack their situation, it becomes apparent they don’t feel like the structural model is working very well.  It has become a lid to health and missional effectiveness.  This happens to a lot […]

Staff: The Right People, On the Right Bus, In the Right Seat

I love the game of baseball,  I have from an early age.  I started in little league and played through high school baseball.  My career ended at high school for multiple reasons, but the primary reason was my inability to hit the curve ball with any consistency.  It was my lid.  I […]

Coaching: The Power of a Well Formed Question

If you have coached pastors or church leaders any length of time you know well the tension that exists between coaching and telling.  Coaching in its purest sense is pulling out the best in those God has entrusted into our care.  Coaching that resorts to simply telling or offering our […]

Are You a Thermostat or a Thermometer?

Are you more concerned about your style of worship service than the kind of disciple you are producing?  Which gets more of your time, money or resources? From his jail cell in Birmingham Alabama on April 16, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. penned a letter that should still the soul […]

Moving Toward Micro

Regardless of a church’s current size, I firmly believe revolutionary change will happen in the Church when courageous leaders are willing to embrace a new scorecard and intentionally focus on making and mobilizing biblical disciples. When this happens, we’ll see churches not only making disciples, but also reproducing and multiplying.

Live By Listening

In relationships that really matter, such as spouses, friends, clients, and significant others, listening skills can make or break the relationship. Listening deeper is possible and can have significant impact.

7 Ways an Interim Pastor can help a Church in Transition

When a church finds itself without a pastor—whether because of resignation, firing, or death—it is a crucial time. It could be a time when a church comes apart, or it could be that the congregation comes together. A good interim pastor can do a lot to help a congregation navigate this unsettled, often stormy time.

It’s About The Journey

In the last year and a half, Bob Shallenberger has begun living in a different way. His values haven’t changed but his ability to be ‘on mission’ has. When a new task or project comes across his desk, he asks himself when doing this project, will he be Exemplifying Servanthood. If the answer is yes, then he knows he is doing something that is a part of God’s purpose for his life. Bob is an “On-Purpose” person.